Be kind to yourself and never get angry.

Be kind to yourself and never get angry.

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in life, we are often unhappy about some unpleasant things, so we are always angry, and then we are immersed in depression all day.

in fact, if you want to understand, anger is the most meaningless thing, not only can not solve any problems, but will affect their own mood, disrupt their own life, angry bad health, the loss outweighs the gain.


anger hurts you

when you are misunderstood, offended, or encounter something bad, you will feel angry.

but calm down and think about it, and you will find that those troubles do not automatically disappear because of your anger, and those who do not understand you do not make the changes you want because of your anger.

the result will only make your mood more depressing.

and these feelings of anger, resentment, and discontent are eroding your health.

as the saying goes: flowers are watered to death, fish are supported to death, people are angry to death!

get angry, in the end, you are the one who pays the bill.

in fact, most of the things that make you feel angry are not that bad. It's just that you get angry, get out of control, become grumpy and become hysterical.

but understand that those who are pure and those who are turbid are self-turbid. No matter what happens to them, anger and anger are the most useless and stupid behaviors.

after all, anger can only make you angry, and it will only make your relatives and enemies happy, and the loss outweighs the gain.

Life, one after another disturbs so much, less care, more leisurely, not only to fulfill others, but also to let yourself go.


instead of being angry, it is better to be calm about

. Everyone has the right to be angry.

but before you get angry, you can think carefully about whether this matter, this person, is worth fighting for.

you should know that when you are angry with people who care about you, not only can you not change your mood from yin to sunshine, but it hurts your feelings and makes people far away; when you are angry with people who don't care about you, they are not only unharmed, but more arrogant.

A man named Shi Chengqi walked a long way to see Laozi. When he saw that Laozi was not handsome and lived in a mess, he satirized Laozi and compared him to a dirty mouse.

but after listening to this, Laozi said nothing and did not make any response.

Shi Cheng left angrily. When he went back, he recalled his words and deeds and felt inappropriate, so he apologized to Laozi.

Laozi said to him, "what does it matter if you call me a dog or a mouse? it doesn't affect me or change me."

A true wise man never gets angry easily.

in the face of other people's provocations, ignore them, making them feel boring and ashamed;

in the face of troubles, be open-minded and peaceful, and solve the problem little by little.

there is a good saying that "reason is not in a high voice".

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most of the time, he is furious and his words are fierce, and his reason has become unreasonable, but he knows how to adjust his state of mind and make progress by retreat, on the contrary, he reduces a lot of trouble and gets a good mood.

therefore, instead of getting angry and hurting others and yourself, it is better to take a step back.

learn not to be angry, and you will live a much easier life.


be kind to yourself and never get angry.

A philosopher said:

and a happy life often depends on your choice.

when you encounter unpleasant things, whether you choose to be full of hostility, lose your mood and health, and let your life fall into a vicious circle, or choose to calm down and turn swords into friendship.

think of heaven and hell.

when your heart is filled with anger and resentment, you can't hold laughter and happiness.

you can feel sincerely happy only if you let go of what is right and wrong.

the best way for people to be happy is to be kind to themselves, and the first step to be kind to themselves is to learn not to be angry.

there is no one in the world who cannot be happy, only a heart who refuses to let himself be happy.

as the ancients said:

there are flowers and months in spring, cool breeze in summer and snow in winter. If you have nothing to worry about, it is a good time for the world.

when something happens, calm down and think about it; before you get angry, exhale, slow down, don't quarrel, don't be impatient.

there are some things you don't have to worry about, and time will tell.

some people don't need to be annoyed.

learn not to be angry, learn to be kind to yourself, and be quiet without arguing is the right way to deal with the world.

things in the world, the world degree; human justice, people realize themselves.

learn to wave sleeves calmly, warm smile without death, the heart will be at ease, life will meet more beautiful.