Pour your heart out for the rest of your life-5

Since that night, my relationship with Dou Youqing has been inexplicably closer. He no longer resists my existence. I can see Aunt Jiang's joy from the bottom of her heart.


Aunt Jiang stayed for another period and then left. Dou Youqing and I went to see her off. 

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Since that night, my relationship with Dou Youqing has been inexplicably closer. He no longer resists my existence. I can see Aunt Jiang's joy from the bottom of her heart. 

Dou Youqing usually draws some design drafts, and his clients are very special. 

After that day, I became his temporary assistant. After the winter vacation, I followed him everywhere. 

He blocked the wine on the table for me, and I cooked noodles for him in the middle of the night, when I could always remember Aunt Jiang's happiness when she mentioned cooking for her beloved. 

I love Dou Youqing very much, and the idea of marrying him grows crazily in my heart. I think it's not impossible. 

On a business trip to France, we took the only group photo on the south bank of the Seine in central Paris, with a corner of the Eiffel Tower in the background. 

He was wearing a white scarf and an overcoat with a standing collar, and his eyes happened to fall on me. 

I like to draw him so much, but I have never painted this picture, nor have I painted that scene. 

On New Year's Eve, I called him in the attic at home that day, and my parents were watching the Spring Festival Gala in the living room. 

Dou Youqing asked me what New year's resolutions I had, and I said I wanted to get married early. 

He just smiled on the other end of the phone. 

Dou Youqing waited for Yoshiko Kino for four years, but all he got was a letter like that, which was her determination to leave. 

Even if he can't let her go, he always wants to get married. I can be his best choice. 

The winter vacation is over soon, and everyone is preparing for graduation. 

The strategy has already got the offer of two companies, and I am also choosing where to go. 

The last few months passed so quickly that we walked out of the ivory tower in the twinkling of an eye. 

Dou Youqing came to be my partner at the prom. 

I thought this was the best start if Yoshiko Kino didn't come back. 

Yes, she's back. 

As said in the letter, with her lovely daughter as a princess. 

It was July 17, the first anniversary of my first meeting with Dou Youqing. 

I asked him to see a movie, but he stood me up. 

I waited until midnight and went home trembling with arms in my arms. 

He didn't show up until the next afternoon, with a faint smell of smoke. 

I've never seen him smoke. I didn't expect him to smoke. 

He said he was sorry that he missed his appointment yesterday because he met Yoshiko Kino yesterday. 

This is nothing but thunder to me. 

Yoshiko Nino, who already has a three-year-old daughter, just divorced two months ago and came here from Japan. 

Dou Youqing's time in the cafe plummeted. 

When I saw him sharing the address of Kino's photography studio on Wechat, I looked for it. I couldn't say why. 

Yoshiko Kino was not surprised to see me and smiled softly at me: "are you, Xiao Wan?" 

I heard Dou Youqing mention you. Nice to meet you. Hello. " 

She was dressed in a long white embroidered dress with long maroon hair hanging over her chest and a clear and quiet face. 

I was in a daze for a moment. This is the person he loves. 

We found a cafe next to her studio. 

Kino also studied art, when she and Dou Youqing were studying in the city. 

Dou Youqing once ordered a cup of fragrant milk green for me, saying that I looked down and painted like one of his friends, and it must be her. 

"I always thought Dou Youqing lived abroad, so I came back here. I didn't expect him to be here because of his work." 

In the end, it was a fateful encounter, she said sincerely, trying to appease me. As a mother, she was more understanding than anyone else. 

After that, she and I went to kindergarten to pick up her daughter Tuan Tuan, and when we came out, we met Dou Youqing. He and Kino looked at each other and did not ask anything tacitly.