Pour your heart out for the rest of your life-3

Because I am his shop assistant, Aunt Jiang is more enthusiastic to me, and she always asks Dou Youqing to bring me a piece of dessert made at home by herself.


Soon Dou Youqing took Aunt Jiang home to recuperate. 

Because I am his shop assistant, Aunt Jiang is more enthusiastic to me, and she always asks Dou Youqing to bring me a piece of dessert made at home by herself. 

On Friday afternoon, I suddenly received a call from Aunt Jiang, who invited me to dinner at home. 

Aunt Jiang was inconvenient to go out, so I went to the supermarket to pick out ingredients. 

On the phone, Aunt Jiang told me what kind of fruit and vegetable meat to choose while chatting with me. 

I was flattered by this kindness. 

The decoration of Dou Youqing's home is a very cold industrial style, but the details are not new. 

It's just that Aunt Jiang couldn't help complaining to me that the house was so lifeless and deserted that she didn't even want to open her eyes when she lay in bed. 

Aunt Jiang is an excellent cook, and when she talks about her family, her face is gentle, as if she had never been treated badly by the years: "Youqing and his father's stomach was so good that I couldn't get used to eating school food when I was in college, but he learned to do it himself. I can't believe he did it like a model." 

I can't imagine Dou Youqing cooking in an apron. 

In a trance, Dou Youqing came back. 

That day was the first time I saw Dou Youqing at home. He leaned lazily on the sofa and read magazines, wearing the new pink slippers Aunt Jiang gave him. 

I thought for no reason what his descendants would look like after many years, and my heart tickled. 

After that day, I went to Dou Youqing's house more and more times. 

Aunt Jiang likes me so much that even my roommate and I need to change places to rent a house. She contacted me for me. 

And Dou Youqing family on the same floor, separated by several households. 

For this unexpected joy, I paid 10% more rent in this upscale residential area. 

I didn't tell Dou Youqing when I moved. I didn't know until he came back. 

"you live alone?" 

He asked me. 

"the roommate will move in later." 

I said. 

I was tidying up the living room. Dou Youqing's suit was straight, loosened his tie, and stepped across a cluttered room, right in front of a pile of drawings. 

Before I could stop it, he turned it up and found that it was him. 

I painted a lifelike picture of him with different looks, nearly a hundred before and after. 

Dou Youqing twisted his eyebrows, but his expression was not quite right. 

He must think I'm a pervert. 

I pretended to explain casually: "just a practitioner, you are a good model." 

But Dou Youqing did not follow my words to tease me and give me a step-down. 

After he left, I sat down on the ground in frustration. 

I upset him, I thought to myself. 

I feel uneasy when I think of his attitude towards the opposite sex. 

There were too many surprises in the process of getting close to him to support the bottom line for me to touch him. 

According to my observation and some inside information from Su Qing, his bottom line is that the opposite sex around him can't have other thoughts about him. 

I don't know how many girls are used to it. 

Time to update your wardrobe and buy this term's fashionable modest prom dresses. The confidence that you inspire will amaze you.

Sure enough, Dou treated me in the next few days and suddenly alienated me a lot. 

Of course, I was not reconciled and carefully pretended not to find it, but I underestimated Dou Youqing's indifference. 

Finally, when I showed up at his house again, his dissatisfaction reached its climax. 

As soon as he came back that day, he saw me sitting on his sofa at a loss. 

When Aunt Jiang saw him coming back, she told him about my experience while making dumplings. 

"look how unlucky Wan Wan is. She has lost her keys to her mobile phone wallet. 

It's a good thing I moved here, and I can take care of it with us. Where else would a girl go? 

Come on, go and wash your hands and help me cook the dumplings. " 

I prayed in my heart that Aunt Jiang would stop talking. Dou Youqing's face was already very bad. 

He frowned and asked me, "where's your roommate?" 

Aunt Jiang replied to me, "her roommate has something to do at home out of town today." 

All I can do is a whisper, uh-huh. 

Under the scrutiny of Dou Youqing, I feel like an emotional liar on my elders. 

Aunt Jiang couldn't wait for Dou Youqing to help her, so she brought dumplings to the kitchen. 

It's just me and Dou Youqing. 

He took off his coat and sat down opposite me, looking cold and straightforward: "A friend of mine did a terrible thing to haunt me, so I couldn't go to the airport that day." 

I don't like unscrupulous girls like her, and I don't like people taking advantage of my family. " 

For a moment, my heart seemed to be wrapped in a piece of mischievous ice, which was so cold that it was smoking. 

I couldn't explain to him that I was ready to go to the cafe to fool through the day. I met my aunt in the elevator and she wanted to bring me back. 

Knowing that my aunt had an injury on her foot, I dared not let her pull with me for too long. 

He won't believe it. 

I didn't know the taste of the meal. 

Aunt Jiang did not know our conversation, and every word she said to me brimming with enthusiasm and love made me feel on pins and needles. 

After a quick meal, I ran away.