Don't hurt someone who is nice to you!

Don't hurt someone who is nice to you!

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Buddha said: don't hurt a person who is good to you, because he is not good to everyone.

tolerance, because I care about you, I give in because I cherish you, not because I owe and fear. Living in this world, no one should treat you as a matter of course.

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you are lucky that someone is kind to you, and it is your blessing that someone has always been kind to you. You should cherish it. After all, it is a sincere one.


this is the case with people who are not afraid of being favored.

relying on other people's love for us, we turn against each other regardless of the consequences and aggravate the bullying.

I always think that if you have deep feelings, you won't get angry, if you have something in your heart, you won't leave, but you forget that people's hearts will be cold. It takes years to warm a heart, but an instant to cool a heart.

once you hurt someone who is good to you, there is a scar in your heart, just like rubbed paper, leaving folds, like a broken mirror, there are always cracks, no matter how long it has been in the past, it can not be restored. The human heart is fragile, can not stand deception and injury, the human heart is easy to pain, can not bear perfunctory and snub.

once you have saved enough disappointment, you will leave, and once you are fed up with ignorance, you will be sad.

one day, when the heart is cold and changes, people will take back the heart that is good to you and won't look back what they say. Therefore, do not hurt people who are good to you, there are not many people who are good to you in this world.


parents are kind to you because you are their child.

your lover is kind to you because you want to live with him.

besides them, who else is really nice to you?

if there is, it is a gift from God, and it is also an elusive luck. Do not hurt a person who is good to you, whether it is parents or lovers, friends or others, after all, in this society, sincerity is better than all material things, and truth is worth thousands of wealth.

there are fewer and fewer people around you, and there are only a handful of people who are good to you. Cherish it when you have it.

Don't wait for the loss, cry bitterly, don't wait for someone to leave, regret it!