Being alone is the joy of being alone.

Being alone is the joy of being alone.

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readers often ask, "Why do I get along well with everyone, but I'm still unhappy?"

in life, many people are trying to make themselves sociable and popular, but often overlook the most important thing: how to get along with themselves.

I have always liked what Yu Hua said in shouting in the drizzle:

being alone is a precipitation of wisdom. Only those who can get along well with themselves can find the happiness that belongs to the truth of life.


to be alone is to be yourself

make friends

, it is better to study all day long.

one of the advantages of being alone is that you don't have to deal with useless relationships.

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you don't have to deal with other people's emotions or judge other people's thoughts, accompany yourself and return to your true self.

more than a hundred years ago, the philosopher Thoreau, armed with an axe, built a cabin by Walden Lake and lived alone for two years.

for two years, Thoreau ploughed and ate himself, simple and natural, and immersed himself in an ethereal and elegant world.

he once wrote: "I would rather go my own way than paint it up and show off the market. I would rather stand or sit and meditate."

later someone asked him, "you must be lonely living there alone. You really want to see people, especially in a snowy day."

Thoreau replied:

being alone is a return to life, getting rid of the temptation of fame and gain in the outside world, and making life open-minded, indifferent, and more beautiful and real.

only when a person is alone can he be himself completely.

when you need to be alone in life, you can quietly do what you like, even if you simply empty yourself, you can also get a spiritual peace and return to the truth of the soul.


being alone is the best value-added period

for a gentleman to be careful and alone.

solitude is like a ruler that measures a person's pattern and wisdom.

once mediocre people are alone, they will only become more lonely and anxious, while excellent people know how to sublimate themselves with their alone time.

some time ago, a friend was in the doldrums and was depressed all day. On the advice of others, he began to run.

after slowly sticking to it, his attitude towards life began to become positive and he fell in love with the sport.

my friend said that when running, you can calm down and reflect on yourself without being disturbed by the outside world.

now he likes to be alone and begins to try different hobbies, such as practicing calligraphy, watching some documentaries, learning to cook, and so on.

solitude is a kind of quiet beauty, a kind of practice, and also the best value-added period for a person.

in solitude, encounter their own growth, in leisurely, reflect on their own shortcomings, in Enron, cultivate their own sentiment, in contemplation, precipitate their own life.


being alone is a person's Qing Huan

writer Jiang Xun said:

people who really enjoy loneliness tend to have richer inner world and more open-minded minds.

when you are alone, you can be freer, more relaxed and happier when you are alone. In the independent space of the soul, you often have a happy life.

Li Bai knows the beauty of solitude best. When he is alone under the flower and moon, with no one to drink with him, he invites the moon to have a drink, and has some other fun:

Tao Yuanming leaves officialdom, retires from the countryside, does not mess with his heart, does not feel trapped in love, and enjoys a good time alone:

Su Shi leans on a wooden stick one night, listening to the sound of the river flowing, feeling that life is both beautiful and short. Do not waste time:

I would rather roam between heaven and earth in a boat.

being alone is a good moment and experience in life. Although it is a little lonely, there is a kind of fullness in loneliness.

there are also happy things to be alone, but you may not know each other all your life.

in your own world, you can enjoy your thoughts as much as you like, and your heart will become more and more full. No matter how unbearable the reality is, you can enjoy a person's happiness in your own world.

there is a good saying:

Life is not for others to see. Life is like a flower, blooming quietly and falling quietly.

Zhou Guoping said that the best state of life is rich and quiet. I think this state can only be reached when you are alone.

being alone is a person's happiness.