Pour your heart out for the rest of your life-7


In retrospect, what else did I think about at that time? 

Do you hope Aunt Jiang can drive Kino away, or imagine that Dou will lose his memory and wake up and only belong to me? 

But it's all delusional. 

A day later, Dou Youqing was transferred to the general ward. 

Catching every eyes with our stunning collection of masquerade ball dresses. You are sure to find the design that will fit you perfectly and masquerade ball dresses will be just the addition your wardrobe needed.

In the bright afternoon, he woke up muttering Kino's name, his parents were there, and the family wept with joy. 

I left the ward silently. 

In the stairwell, I walked blankly through several people who were quarreling. 

Halfway down the floor, I heard one of the girls yell out of control, "Why can you get him because you love him, let me help you, and think everyone is a virgin?" 

The tears I had held back for a long time finally fell, and this sentence poked my internal organs and twisted them together. 

So you see, knowing that there is no hope, Shaw thinks that there are many such people in this world. 

Yoshiko Kino agreed to the marriage proposal in Dou Youqing's ward. 

After being calm, Aunt Jiang knew what her son wanted. Yoshiko Kino, the daughter-in-law she liked, was walking around in a circle, and now she is also satisfied. 

My love for Dou Youqing begins with silence and ends with silence. 

Half a month later, Dou Youqing had not been discharged from the hospital, and he could not come to see me off. 

At dusk on August 21, the fiery sunset in the distance seemed to gush out of lava. In the afterglow, I boarded a plane to Italy and went to a well-known design school to continue my study. 

Cursed coincidence, it has been 34 days a year since I first met Dou Youqing. 

In that rain, he risked his life to protect Tuan Tuan, I knew that I could never get any closer to him in this life. 

When I went to say goodbye to him, he said wish me luck. 

He doesn't know that all my good luck has been used to meet him, but his eyes are like the sea, but he can never regard me as blue. 

He once asked me if he was like An in the story, but I didn't tell him that he didn't. 

On the top of his finger is the name of Yoshiko Kino, which carries the good time when he and she are infinitely attached to each other. 

He got her. 

But An in the story never got the girl. 

I am also a hyperamnesiac. 

I can easily name the license plate number of a cab with a casual glance, and I can draw Dou Youqing as lifelike as a picture by memory. 

During the 34 days of the year with Dou Youqing, every detail was as clear as a frozen movie. 

There is no hope for the rest of my life.