Pour your heart out for the rest of your life-2

When I went to the cafe to paint again, Su Qing brought me a cup of fragrant milk green. Dou Youqing ordered it for me. As soon as I looked up, Dou Youqing was looking at me. Later he told me that I looked down and painted like an old friend of his.

When I went to the cafe to paint again, Su Qing brought me a cup of fragrant milk green. Dou Youqing ordered it for me. As soon as I looked up, Dou Youqing was looking at me. Later he told me that I looked down and painted like an old friend of his.
I smiled shyly.
Gu Jing's mother called from the hospital and wanted us to come and say that Gu Yuxing had come, but she did not believe that her beloved boyfriend was a liar and had not been in the water for two days. When she arrived at the hospital, her mother's eyes were red and swollen and she begged us to persuade her in a low voice.
Gu Ying refused to see the police, so I repeated all the words of the police that day to her. She probably didn't have the strength to get hysterical, just looked at me in silence, and then picked up the glass at hand.
When the glass came head-on, I dodged it cleverly, and the afterlight saw Dou's hand stretched out by the Qing Dynasty and put it down.
Dou Youqing took me out of the ward and confirmed that there was no hot water in the cup. He looked a little relaxed.
I wanted to express my opinion, pointed to the ward, and said to him, "she loves that person and can't accept that he is a liar, so she won't listen to anyone."
Dou Youqing looked back at the ward and looked very carefully as if she had been touched by some secret touch. "maybe she just couldn't accept that her lover left from now on, whether she was a liar or something, far from that important," he said. "
I am dumb, so it is possible to say so.
Dou Youqing turned his back to me, and I naturally couldn't see where his wistful eyes fell through the narrow glass window on the ward door.
I said to him briskly, "Let's go." He looked back at me for two seconds and then said, "OK."
On the way back that day, Dou Youqing promised me to take a part-time job in a cafe. I was surprised when I told the strategy the news.
"Boss," she used a very inappropriate analogy, "Dapeng rises in the same wind and soars for 90,000 miles."
I have never seen such a Dapeng. I took a white look at her.


After taking a part-time job in a cafe, I had a little more contact with Dou Youqing, but only a little. 

For example, I used to look at him from a long distance and found a small tattoo on the right side of the middle finger of his left hand. It was not obvious after he put his fingers together. Now I can see what is tattooed there. 

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Su Qing told me that although Dou Youqing was often in the store, he didn't care much about things, and he didn't like to be disturbed. He felt thin in the shop assistant's heart, and I could not see that he was the boss here. 

But in November, Dou Youqing's whereabouts suddenly became a mystery. I was very surprised and didn't know what he was doing. 

One day when he was still away, a girl came to see him and looked very pale when she saw that we were the only ones in the store. 

Su Qing quietly gossiped to me: "I have seen her before, she likes the store manager very much, ah, the store manager must be avoiding her these days." 

"what about the store manager? 

Don't you like her? " 

Su Qing mysteriously shook her head: "the store manager is always clean." 

I can see that Dou Youqing is clean, but he is too good for himself, and I don't know which one he likes. 

My shoulders collapse like a broken-winged angel when I think that I haven't even added his Wechat so far. 

But I had no idea, and soon I got my golden thigh. 

I met Aunt Jiang at the corner of the street not far from the cafe. She stood there with a macaron-colored suitcase looking left and right. 

When we passed her, we had a brief look at each other. I paused because of the resemblance between her and Dou Youqing, and she looked at me expectantly: "Little girl, do you know where a cafe is nearby?" 

That's how my golden thigh appeared. 

Aunt Jiang came to see her son, but her son broke her appointment and didn't pick her up. She didn't know her son's new address. It was the limit to finding the cafe from memory. It took more than ten minutes of cold wind at the corner of the street to meet me. 

I couldn't get in touch with Dou Youqing, so I was going to take her back to the store first, but she sheepishly pointed to her right foot and asked me, "is it far?" 

I accidentally sprained it just now. " 

I took her to the hospital. 

Aunt Jiang finally got in touch with her son there and asked for a lot of compensation on the phone. 

It was an hour later when Dou Youqing came. 

When he saw me, he was stunned for a moment. 

Aunt Jiang glared at him angrily: "this is the little girl who sent me. Say thank you quickly." 

What are you doing? 

Didn't you agree to pick me up? 

I've been waiting for you for a long time. " 

Dou Youqing put down the things in his hand and first said thank you to me. 

Then some helplessly responded to the mother's question but did not elaborate, only said that something was delayed. 

Aunt Jiang snorted softly, "is there anything more important than me?" 

Later, I learned that Aunt Jiang is a very lovely little woman. 

In the Dou family, she is the princess of father and son. 

That day, probably because I was there, Aunt Jiang was too embarrassed to show in front of outsiders, so she easily forgave the unreliable and inconsiderate Dou Youqing.