Pour your heart out for the rest of your life-6

In college, she escaped from reality, came to China to study, and got to know Dou Youqing. Just as she was preparing to study abroad with Dou Youqing, her mother forced her to go back for marriage because of her family interests.


I kept in touch with Yoshiko Kino and probably knew her story. 

When she was young, her brother was criticized by the whole family for her lame legs. 

In college, she escaped from reality, came to China to study, and got to know Dou Youqing. Just as she was preparing to study abroad with Dou Youqing, her mother forced her to go back for marriage because of her family interests. 

"I don't regret going back. At least now I'm out of touch with the Kino family, and I've found the pleasure of photography." 

She was relieved to exchange a marriage for half a life of peace, but there must be a lot of bitterness in it. 

Yoshiko Kino is very nice and deserves all the love of Dou Youqing. I can't hate it. 

But I love Dou Youqing. They haven't established a formal relationship yet. I don't want to give up. 

I don't want to remember the despicable idea that I wanted to find Dou Youqing wrapped in a bath towel when the power went out in the apartment that day. 

I went out strangely, and when the door of Dou Youqing's house was opened, by the orange candlelight in the room, I saw Yoshiko Kino who opened the door for me. 

When we were speechless, there was a call, and the lights were brightly lit all around. 

I'm so glad I didn't get out of my head and get dressed before I went out. 

So standing in front of Yoshiko Kino, I can shamelessly pretend that nothing has happened and say that I have come to borrow a candle to save my poor self-esteem. 

I sat down in the living room and affectionately next to me to introduce Dou Youqing to her new doll. 

This room has been filled with all kinds of warm things, and it is no longer a deserted place in Aunt Jiang's mouth. 

Dou Youqing is cooking in the kitchen, which I couldn't imagine before. 

I remembered that Aunt Jiang said that he had developed good cooking skills when he was in college. 

It is not surprising that good cooking is born of lovers. 

I also saw the way Dou Youqing looked at Yoshiko Kino, with a burning affection I had never seen before. 

She must be familiar with that look, right? 

Only Nanshan and your eyes do not change the old days when they meet. 

It was cloudy and rainy at the beginning of August, just like my depressed mood. 

Dou Youqing may have shaken me, but now that feeling has disappeared. 

At 06:00 in the afternoon, the sky was like an iron curtain, with dark clouds and low pressure. 

Kino is very busy, her studio is difficult to start, Dou Youqing for her to pick up the group, I insisted on following, took the umbrella to climb his cross-country. 

The gate of the kindergarten was a little crowded. Across the road, I was waiting by the car with an umbrella. Dou Youqing entered the kindergarten. 

When she came out, she was held in his arms, but she struggled down for some reason. Without waiting for Dou to react, she ran to the middle of the road. 

A car happened to become very fast. 

The torrential rain raged, leaving only a false shadow in front of my eyes, roaring in my head. 

When Yoshiko Kino came to the hospital, he was as embarrassed as I was a mixture of blood and water. 

He pounced on her, hugged her, and cried, "is Papa Dou going to die?" 

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It's all bad. You shouldn't pick up dolls. " 

Yoshiko Kino, whose delicate face was colorless, sat beside me with a mass of numbness in his arms. 

I reluctantly went to buy some water and bread, but no one touched it. 

At this time, I have been thinking in my mind that when I went home yesterday, I ran into the scene of Dou Youqing holding Kino against the car door and kissing, over and over again, as if possessed. 

In the early hours of the morning, Dou Youqing's parents came from out of town. 

Aunt Jiang, who was worried, was surprised and angry when she saw Yoshiko Kino. When she left, Dou was clear because of her accident, and now it is because of her. 

Tuan Tuan fell asleep in Kino's arms. She carefully handed her daughter to me and got up to apologize to Dou Youqing's parents. 

What else did they say? I don't want to hear it. I just hope Dou is safe.