Father's big pattern, mother's good mood, is the best fengshui of a family.

Father's big pattern, mother's good mood, is the best fengshui of a family.

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the pattern of fathers,

determines the future height of their children

Sima Guang: the father loves his son and teaches righteousness.

A father's love for his child is to tell his child what is right.

and the future path of the children depends on the father's vision and pattern.

Liang Qichao has nine children, all of whom are successful, which can be called an elite family in the real sense.

some scholars praised him as "the first person in Chinese tutoring". Why do you say so? Just take a look at his nine children.

Sishun, the eldest daughter,

Academician of Academia Sinica

third son Sizhong: graduated from West Point

second daughter  famous library scientist

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four female Si Yi: famous economist

three female Si Yi: former Director of the International Liaison Department of the Red Cross Society of China

four female Sining: Nankai University

five Sisi Li: rocket Control system expert, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences

Modern Celebrity  There are many children who are not successful, and it is no accident that they are full of talents.

Liang Qichao never interferes with his children's choices, but as a friend, he uses his own experience to give advice to his children, listen to their suggestions, and do his part.

for example, third son Liang Siyong liked archaeology, but his major in archaeology was relatively unpopular at that time and was not favored by others. Liang Qichao was very supportive of his son's interest and arranged for him to major in archaeology.

Liang Qichao once said, "if someone asks me, what doctrine do you believe in?" I replied: I believe in interestingism. "

his outlook on life not only restricts himself, but also affects his children. But Liang Qichao is not completely laissez-faire, he believes that the way of parenting depends on the words "strict" and "love".

the strictness of reason and the love of emotion are indispensable.

once, young Liang Siyong had a fight with a child. Although it was not Siyong's fault, Liang Qichao severely criticized his son's behavior and asked him three questions: is it necessary to fight? How to make peace with each other? How should we deal with this kind of thing again?

Liang Qichao didn't let Siyong have lunch until Siyong gave a satisfactory answer. After that, he personally took Siyong to apologize to the children.

under the education of Liang Qichao, Liang Siyong became a famous archaeologist and was elected an academician of the first Academia Sinica.

it is precisely because of my father's unique height that he has achieved the story of "one academician with three academicians and nine talents with handsome talents".

people often say that the pattern determines the outcome.

the pattern of a person not only affects the height of his life, but also determines the future of his children.

the three-character Sutra says: if the son does not teach, the father will make a mistake.

A mountain in my father's house is shaped because of its shape and trend. All shapes are determined by the mountains. And the father's vision and pattern, is the character of this mountain, the potential of the children, all come from the character of the wind.

the pattern of a father is not ability and wealth, but being a human being. His vision and bosom will be imperceptibly passed on to the child.

the larger the pattern of fathers, the better the children. A shortsighted father can never teach ambitious children.


the mood of the mother,

determines the inner temperature of the children

youdao is: look at a person and know his family, observe a mother and know the virtue of her son.

the character and morality of children can be seen from the mother.

Ouyang Xiu's mother, Zheng, was born into a distinguished family in the south of the Yangtze River. She is knowledgeable, benevolent and kind, virtuous and filial.

Ouyang Xiu's father died when he was four years old, and his family plummeted and became increasingly poor. In the end, there was "no room, no ridge of land".

the family has no money to study, and O'Mu can't, so she can only teach her son by herself. Unable to afford paper and pen, he wrote on the ground with grass stalks instead of paper and pen to teach his son to read. When he was older and had no books to read at home, Ouyang Xiu borrowed books and copied them.

in this way, under the careful guidance of his mother, Ouyang Xiu was very sensible, studied hard and got excellent grades. At the age of 23, he entered high school and was awarded an official position.

when he was an official, Ouyang Xiu was demoted for supporting Fan Zhongyan in maintaining the new law. Instead of being angry and complaining, O'Mu comforted her son: "how can you say dishonorable if you are demoted because of justice?" Our family has always been poor, and it doesn't matter to do it again. As long as you don't have a burden and don't let go of your ambition, I'll be happy! "

it is because of his mother's firmness and tenderness that Ouyangxiu, an outstanding statesman, writer and historian in the Northern Song Dynasty.

the ancients said: filial piety comes from a poor family, and the sage lies in maternal education.

the words and deeds of mothers have a great impact on their children.

it has been reported that from the perspective of human evolution, the emotional energy of women far exceeds that of men, the mother is the soul of the family, the mother is happy and the whole family is happy, and the mother is anxious about the whole family.

the mother's mood is the atmosphere of the family. The hearts of children will be affected by the family atmosphere.

A gentle mother will give her children a relaxed and happy family environment, so such children must be sunny, confident and happy.

on the contrary, an angry mother will make her child more anxious, sensitive and self-abased, and this character will follow her child for life and become an indelible shadow from the bottom of her heart.

if a mother wants her child to be optimistic and confident, she must first be optimistic and confident; if she wants her child to be sensitive and inferiority, then let her be emotionally unstable.

Mother is the spiritual support of her child, only emotion.Only under gentleness can children feel "love".

as the ancients said, the boudoir is the place where the sages were born, and maternal education is the source of peace in the world.

the best family education is inseparable from the mother, while the mother's best education is inseparable from emotional stability.


Family harmony is the starting line for children

"Yan's Family motto" says: people are young, their expressions are undetermined, they are tainted with, stained with, words and deeds, they are unintentional to learn, and they imperceptibly influence them.

people's character and thoughts will change unwittingly. The environment will affect people's words and deeds.

there was a man in the Song Dynasty, Chen Fang, who abided by his ancestral teachings and insisted on no separation and no employment. The upper and lower thirteen generations of the Hezu clan live together and do all their own work. The size of the family adds up to more than 700, making it very prosperous.

although there are many people, no one in the Chen family is gossiping and has always been in harmony. Every time it was time for dinner, the Chen family would sit around the vast hall, which was very lively. Under the family style of

, more than 100 dogs raised by the Chen family are also affected. Every time they eat, if a dog has not come to eat, then this group of dogs will wait for it and will never eat first. This is the origin of "no dog, no dog, no food".

the wind of family harmony of the Chen family was known by Zhang Qixian, the state official at that time, and the matter was played in the imperial court, and the Chen family corvee was exempted.

under such a family style, children need to support themselves, so they learn to be grateful; when the whole family is in harmony, they learn benevolence.

A warm and warm family fills a family with sunshine, which can make the seedlings of the family gradually flourish, thrive and full of hope.

the starting line of life is never in the classroom, but a warm family given by parents.

and a structured father, a gentle mother, and a harmonious family atmosphere, is to let the children win at the starting line.