If we don't cherish it, we will be old.

If we don't cherish it, we will be old.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.


some people say that the most ruthless thing about

years is that it never looks back.

if time has a sound,

he will also tell you:

Hey, cherish it!


if we don't cherish it, we will all be old.


an inch of time is an inch of gold,

an inch of gold is hard to buy an inch of time.

you have to understand that

time is not equal to idle people.

those unfinished things,

work harder to finish.

lazy procrastination may be temporary, but regret is a lifetime.

those unsuccessful dreams,

try their best to start over.

failure is not terrible.

the terrible thing is that one failure will never recover, and

one wrestling will never get up again.

there are thousands of ways in life.

No matter which way you are going,

know that

cherish your time and your dreams.


not everyone can figure out how to live in this life.

many people live a boring and boring life.

while complaining about themselves,

while wasting time, they do not know how to change.

if you still have something you want to pursue in life,

Don't waste it, cherish it.

even if there are thousands of difficulties,

must be brave on the road.

the most pathetic thing about people

is not how humble your background is.

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but after so many years,

you still live with no progress and no new ideas.

cherish time.

is not empty talk that you forget after you have said it.

it is your responsibility to keep it in mind.

cherish your dream.

is not an idea that you forget once you think about it.

it should be an indicator of immediate practice.

Don't limit yourself to the same life.

Life, there must be something different.

is perfect.


in this world,

not everyone can meet the right person, and

not everyone can really be kind to you.

some people get along well with you on the surface, but spread rumors about you in private.

there are people who are warm and ingratiating to you, but step on you hard when you fall.

some people are hypocritical, others have bad intentions.

if you meet such a person, don't be afraid, don't be sad,

because time will tell all lies,

because there are other people around you who are worth cherishing.

he will give you a support when you need to rely on,

he will laugh with you when you share happiness, and

he will take you out of the haze when you are sad and down.

time can verify the human heart.

Please cherish those who are really kind to you.


whether it is family affection, friendship, or love,

you have to understand that

between people,

are all mutual.

even if the bond of consanguinity is so deep,

if you don't cherish your loved ones,

those who love you will leave you.

Don't think that true friends can bear everything.

they can accept your nonsense, but they can't accept your indifferent betrayal and cruel deception.

if you are lucky enough,

there is someone who loves you deeply.

Please remember and live up to your disappointment.

it's not that easy to fall in love.

everyone has his temper.

cherish everyone who loves you.

Don't reach the age of white hair.

alone, alone,

No friends, no family, no lover,

No regrets, no regrets,

times will not start all over again.


do not think that  tomorrow is tomorrow, and

there are still many days to go.

when time wants to leave you,

won't even say hello.

if there's something you want to do, don't always put off.

Don't say you don't have time if you have places you want to go.

Don't always quarrel with people you want to cherish.


is missed, and

is no longer available.

is lost, and

can never be found again.

if we don't cherish it, we will be really old!