It turns out that this is called Duck's Law (good text in depth)

It turns out that this is called Duck's Law (good text in depth)

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

I wonder if you have ever seen what a duck really looks like when soaking in water.

in general, ducks are only seen swimming leisurely on the surface of the water.

but when you dive underwater, you will find that its duck flippers are paddling desperately all the time without a moment's rest.

writer Liu Tong once said:

elegance needs strength, and splendor needs strength.

Life is like a duck in water.

behind every splendor, there is persistence and struggle that you can't imagine.

those casual relaxations and comforts are all short-lived illusions.

only working hard day and night is the true meaning of life.

and this is the philosophy of life contained in Duck's Law.


all the great things in the world are bought with hard work.

I remember watching the movie Farewell my Concubine, in which there was a passage that impressed me deeply.

Xiaodou, who grew up in a theater troupe, has to face difficult training every day.

the teacher who taught him to sing was so strict that he often beat his apprentices to blood because of a single line.

once, Xiao Dou and his companions secretly ran out because they couldn't stand this kind of life.

but on the way to escape, they accidentally met the most powerful "celebrity" at that time.

looking at the shocking scene of the empty streets, the companion sighed bitterly:

"how did they become such a corner? how many beats they have to take?"

perhaps it is the light of the famous corner that evokes the persistence and love of the heart.

from that day on, Xiaodou secretly made up his mind and chose to return to the troupe to practice assiduously.

after many years, Xiaodou, which has suffered a lot, has become the first corner in the capital, Cheng Dieyi.

when he stands on the stage, enjoying the infinite scenery of thousands of people, only he knows how many hardships and frustrations he has experienced along the way, and how much blood and sweat he has poured into.

as the troupe teacher said:

flowers and applause always come because of hard work.

behind the life you admire, there must be an unknown and bitter journey.

once upon a time, Li Ka-shing, China's richest man, has been running in a teahouse since the age of 16, opening the door every day before dawn and without a break until midnight.

Guo Degang, now the leader of crosstalk, used to show talent to passers-by in the shopping mall window when he was young.

Kobe Bryant, king of basketball, has seen Los Angeles at 4: 00 in the morning; Peacock Princess Yang Liping has not eaten staple food for 20 years in a row.

as Chai Jing wrote in seeing:

so please always remember that the more you want to be envied, the more you are not afraid of hard work.

only through extreme struggle can we be worthy of the ultimate scenery.


there is no open life, but they all rise abruptly based on accumulated strength

American artist Andy Warhol once made such a prediction:

Xiaomi founder Lei Jun also said that standing on the cusp of the wind and waves, pigs can fly.

Yes, when Li Jiaqi, a world-famous online celebrity blogger, earns six figures a month, and the world-famous video blogger Li Ziqi is named and commended by CCTV.

many people can't help but have the illusion that success is always readily available as long as it is fuelled by the opportunities of the times.

but most of the time, we have to ask ourselves:

doesn't it mean that people are making excuses for their own failures when they attribute all the success factors of others to luck?

I read such a record in a book many years ago.

there is a kind of "sharp grass" on African grasslands.

in the first six months, it was almost the shortest grass on the prairie, and its growth could not even be observed with the naked eye.

but half a year later, it was watered by a heavy rain.

large tracts of hairy grass grow crazily every day as if they were enchanted.

finally, in just a few days, it will jump to more than two meters high, forming a wall of "appearing out of thin air", the whole process is extremely shocking.

later, scientists found that it had taken six months to take root in the soil.

it quietly accumulates strength for itself, waiting only for a heavy rain to come.

but most people only witness the process of its crazy growth, but have no idea how it takes root in the soil and how to withstand the wind and rain.

I like the words of Harvard high achiever and Zhan Qingyun very much:

walking in the world, there are no shortcuts.

like this sharp grass working hard in the dark, when you dig up the soil, you will understand:

it is a fluke to rise to success.

the so-called successes and miracles are nothing but down-to-earth efforts.


the hardships you have suffered will eventually light your way

I wonder if you have ever felt this way.

since Wechat has the step-counting function, more and more people are willing to walk around, sometimes even unconsciously want to take two more steps.

actually this is because we got feedback.

when every step we take is counted and becomes our own accumulation, this sense of achievement pushes us forward bit by bit.

most of the time, real life is the same.

every effort you make, every step you take, fate has already marked us secretly..

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one day, when you look back on the road you have traveled, you will find that:

there is no road in vain in life. In fact, everything comes naturally.

like Mo Yan, he experienced a lot of setbacks and tribulations in his childhood.

in those famine years, Mo Yan's deepest memory was hunger.

it is common to have a hungry and full meal. If there is no food, you will eat wild vegetables.

when he came from a poor background, he had to grind books to others in exchange for books because he liked reading. Sometimes he was allowed to read a page of books only after ten rounds of grinding.

later, when Mo Yan reached the age of 18, he was sent by his father to work on the construction site.

at that time, Mo Yan was not yet strong, and his hands were often strangled with bloodstains when he pulled the chain.

however, even under such difficult conditions, Mo Yan never gave up his dream of writing.

and the sufferings of his youth have finally turned into his immortal literary works.

just as the philosopher Tagore said:

one day you will find that those who have suffered and tired will become the brightest stars in the night sky, guiding you to become a better person.


Xingguang does not ask the passers-by, time is right for those who are committed to it

before the flowers bloom, you always have to walk a long way in the dark.

but please believe that God will never fail anyone who does his best.

it's like the classic dialogue in the movie King of Comedy:

"it's dark and you can't see anything."

"No, it will be beautiful after dawn."