Life is really hard, to be with sweet people

Life is really hard, to be with sweet people

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.


there is a saying: follow the bee, you will find the flower; after the fly, you can only find the toilet.

the words are rough and reasonable. If you choose what kind of person you are with, you will often meet what kind of life.

interact with people who consume you, the sky is gray, what haunts you all day is sighing and complaining, becoming more and more decadent and pessimistic.

when you are with an optimistic person, you will be infected by his interest and enthusiasm, become sunny and cheerful, and feel all kinds of beauty in your ordinary life.

in my hometown, there lived an old couple in their seventies, but they were still very strong.

once, chatting with this grandmother, she asked her curiously how to take care of her body. Grandma smiled and told a story.

she used to be impatient and often made mistakes. For example, when I had to go out, I forgot that the soup was still boiling on the stove. When I got home, I found that the soup was spoiled and the pot was leaking.

and when she was blaming herself, Grandpa came back, and when he saw the sight, he was not angry, but said:

"what is there to be angry about? there is no fire or injury. The porridge is burnt, and we happen to go out for a big dinner, and by the way, we can go to the supermarket and buy a new pot. It's good. I've long wanted to change it! "

Grandma concluded that the secret of good health, in addition to regular exercise, is to "spend time with grandpa."

after getting along with each other for so many years, I learned from my calm and easygoing grandfather:

there are many bad things in life. From another point of view, my mood suddenly brightens.

when something happens, you don't fight with yourself blindly, and you don't get angry casually. If you are in a good mood, if you have a good day, your health will naturally be better.


Schopenhauer said: "Life is really hard."

Yes, life is very difficult to deal with, so spend more time with sweet people.

when you are sad, your sadness will be halved; when you are happy, your happiness will be doubled; when you are tired, he can make you smile, and under pressure, you can relax instantly.

to live a life, you have to be comfortable and laugh before you can spend your life.

I have seen a strange performance on TV, which is impressive.

in this program, other people are competitive talents, but when this uncle came on stage, he only carried a very mysterious iron box.

both the audience and the judges looked dazed, and then the uncle pressed the switch of the iron box on his back, when a pile of peacock feathers spread out on his back. He walked clumsily up and down the stage and danced the peacock dance.

everyone was confused, but found it inexplicably funny.

after his performance, the judges asked him where the inspiration for this dance came from.

he wiped the sweat from his head and stuttered a little: a year ago, his wife unfortunately hurt her leg and foot, so she had to stay in bed and go nowhere.

since then, my wife has often been depressed and has not laughed much. Because she likes to tinker with mechanical assembly, she has made a machine and put it on to dance for her and amuse her.

unexpectedly, the effect was very good. My wife's mental state became better and better day by day, and she smiled more.

as Qian Zhongshu said:

"there is a person who does not want to see your pain and tears, even willing to give everything for your smile, this is a happy gate."

Life is bound to have ups and downs, but with sweet people, even if there are ups and downs in life, you can enjoy the sweet scenery.

he does not necessarily have Jinshan and Silver Mountain, but a bright smile can bring light to the gloomy life in the cracks; the care hidden in the details of life often reveals the truest feelings and the warmest love.

in fact, happiness is not about how big a house you live and how good a car you drive, but that no matter how rich or poor, bumpy and smooth, there will always be someone who can make you feel happy and happy in the trivial life.

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decades go by in a hurry, smiling happily, living healthily, and being accompanied by a lover is the best reward of fate.


I agree with the saying

"if life throws you a lemon, you can squeeze it into juice and add some sugar."

We spend our whole lives searching for nothing more than to share the hardships and difficulties of life with a person who knows joys and sorrows, cold and warm.

May we all meet the one who can add some sugar to life, feel the plain happiness in the trivialities of chicken feathers, and feel the warm comfort in the dark night when the cold rain knocks on the window.

May we, too, be the sweet ones and bring joy and joy to those around us.