Look at people's strengths, help others with difficulties, and remember people's good points.

Look at people's strengths, help others with difficulties, and remember people's good points.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

there is a question on the Internet: "what kind of relationship is the most comfortable?"

there is a high-praise answer:

get along with others, some people make people feel like spring breeze, while others let people stay away.

A comfortable relationship often achieves the following three points: looking at people's strengths, helping people with difficulties, and remembering people's advantages.

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look at people's strengths

Lin Qingxuan wrote a news report about thieves when he was a reporter. It was originally an ordinary article, but it changed the fate of a person's life.

in the article, Lin Qingxuan listed a series of advantages of thieves: "A thief with such a fine mind, such dexterous tactics, and such a unique style is so gentle and temperament. if he is not a thief, will you be successful in any line of work?"

it was this sentence that brought the thief back to the right track of life and changed the course of his life.

once, Lin Qingxuan passed the door of a mutton stove shop and was recognized by thieves of that year.

at that time, the thief was so excited that he took Lin Qingxuan by the arm and recalled the scene of their meeting 20 years ago.

he sighed:\ & the special article written by Mr. quot; Lin broke my blind spot and made me think: why didn't I think about doing the right thing except being a thief? \ & quot;

later, through his own efforts, he became the boss of several mutton stove shops in Taiwan, and his career was booming with each passing day.

Lin Qingxuan also said with emotion in the article: "even I was moved. I did not expect that a report inadvertently written 20 years ago made a young man go to the bright place."

the Bible says, "if you want to remove the thorns from others, you must first remove the beam from your own eyes."

it was Lin Qingxuan who looked at the thief with appreciation that he discovered the advantages of the thief and made him move towards the light.

when you get along with others, don't always focus on other people's weaknesses, but learn to appreciate their strengths.

Gold is not perfect, and no one is perfect. Don't completely deny a person just because of a flaw.

as the saying goes: the ruler is short and the inch is strong.

even the best people have their shortcomings, and even ordinary people have their advantages.

pay more attention to people's strengths, and you will find that no matter who you look at, you will get more and more pleasing to the eye.


help others find it difficult

in the late Qing Dynasty, a businessman failed miserably in his investment and was in urgent need of money.

in order to be in an emergency, he took out all his possessions, visited Hu Xueyan and offered Hu Xueyan a low price to buy.

after learning the situation, Hu Xueyan decided to buy it at the market price.

businessmen wonder why they should give up their profits and buy at the market price when they are clearly sure to make a business that cannot be lost.

Hu Xueyan said that he only took care of these mortgaged assets for him temporarily, and when he got through this, he could redeem what belonged to him at any time.

in the face of Hu Xueyan's kindness, businessmen are extremely grateful.

after the businessman left, Hu Xueyan told a story about his youth in front of his confused men:

at that time, he was just a little boy in the store and often helped his boss to collect debts everywhere.

once, he was on his way to another creditor's house when he was caught in a heavy rain, and a stranger by the side of the road was also drenched by the rain. It happened that he took an umbrella with him that day, so he took it for others.

later, whenever it rains, he often helps some strangers with umbrellas. As time went on, more people knew him on the road.

sometimes, I am not afraid to forget to bring my umbrella, because many people I have helped will come to carry umbrellas for me.

Hu Xueyan smiled: "you are willing to pay for others, others are willing to pay for you." When everyone is in trouble, you can help if you can. "

later, the businessman survived the difficulties and redeemed his property. Everyone admired Hu Xueyan's kindness, and his business became better and better.

Hu Xueyan once said: "help people in need and be ready to help others."

in a person's life, few people will always be successful and will always encounter all kinds of difficulties.

Life is not an island. Between people, it is inevitable that they need each other.

you reach out and give you a hand when others need it, and someone will give you a hand only when you need help.

"if you meet a bosom friend at the end, your abdominal muscles fly to eat."

the rarest thing in life is the bosom friend at the end of the road and the food when you are hungry.

it is easier to put the icing on the cake than to send charcoal in the snow.

it is difficult to help others and think more of others, so that our road will be wider and wider.


remember the benefits

there is a story in Historical Records.

when Liu Bang was a civilian, he was a street gangster and his life was often in a state of bewilderment. Many people around him did not like him, and only Xiao he took good care of him.

at that time, Xiao he was already a small official in Peixian County. He could see that Liu Bang was a talented person. He not only helped Liu Bang in his daily life, but also never gave up on Liu Bang and helped him move forward step by step.

Liu Bang became the director of the pavilion, but Xiao he still often helped him.

when he served in Xianyang, according to the usual practice, the officials gave him a red envelope of 300 yuan. At that time, three hundred dollars was already a heavy gift, and Xiao he made an exception and gave him five hundred dollars.

this incident is unforgettable to Liu Bang for the rest of his life.

later, with the help of Xiao he, Liu Bang defeated Xiang Yu and won the world.

when discussing the reward for meritorious deeds, Liu Bang rejected all opinions about how to seal Xiao and specially added 2,000 feudal cities for him in order to repay Xiaohe for his 200 yuan.

in the days that followed, Liu Bang was also to Xiao he.Very kind.

in any relationship, the most indispensable thing is sincerity, and the last thing that should not be ignored is the other party's goodness.

sincerity is the basis of communication; remembering the goodness of others is the guarantee of a long-term relationship.

Xiao he gave his heart to Liu Bang. Liu Bang saw Xiao he's good, and they both put each other in their hearts. One knows how to give, the other knows how to be grateful.

the Book of songs says: "throw it with peaches and return it with Qiongyao."

people are always each other. If you are kind to me, I will be very kind to you.

as MiyazakiHayao said, "remember those who are nice to you, because they could not have done so."

in this world, no one has an obligation to be kind to you. Whatever is good to you, they don't owe you, but they care about you.

Haruki Murakami said: "you have to remember the people who hold umbrellas for you in the heavy rain. It is these people who make up the 1.1 drops of warmth in your life, and it is these warmth that make you a kind person."

you have to remember the people who are kind to you in your life, and don't lose them.


as I get older, I feel more and more that warmth and comfort are the most important things to get along with anyone.

this warmth and comfort will be like a ray of light into each other's hearts, making people's hearts full of strength.

We may not be able to decide how others treat others, but we can decide how we treat others.

when you treat others with a soft heart, others will also respond to your sweet smile.

pay more attention to the strengths of others. If you have an open mind, your relationship will get better and better.

if you are willing to help others with difficulties, if you give your kindness, your blessings will get deeper and deeper.

always remember the good of others. If you feel warm, the road will be wider and wider.

May we all feel compassionate and compassionate and be comfortable with each other for the rest of our lives.