On the way to getting old, you must get better.

On the way to getting old, you must get better.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

the outline of the years, the face unconsciously stained with the vicissitudes of life; under the washing of time, the hair quietly added wind and frost.

We are getting older a little bit.

fingertips fall to the end of life, who can seize the lost youth? If you can't start over in the past, who can keep your towering self?

when you are not in your prime, your heart is still in your prime; your appearance is old, but your heart is still young.

as we get older, we must be better than before!


Don't get angry on the way to getting old!

I am not angry with others, I am not angry with anyone!

what scenes haven't been seen along the way? What ups and downs have not been experienced? How can everything go well in life?

if you grit your teeth, you can get over the ups and downs sooner or later; hold your head high and tears can flow back easily.

on the way to get old, you are not angry, you are mad at yourself, and there is no one to replace you!


on the way to getting old, don't force it!

in just a few decades, all I want is to be happy!

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who is comfortable with, who is with whom; who is happy to chat with, and who continues.

not strong fate, do not force love and hate, along with the fate can be comfortable, light acquaintance can be long-term.

those who force them to stay and leave them into hatred, why should they find themselves unhappy?

alive, do not let life lose to the mood!


on the way to getting old, do subtraction!

stay away from people who make you sad and things that don't want to make you sad.

Don't take what others say seriously; don't worry about what you've seen.

the more you think about it, the more tired you will be, and why should you let your troubles overwhelm you? I'm exhausted. Who loves you?

Life should learn to subtract and cut off meaningless branches in order to thrive and live a beautiful life!


on the way to getting old, get better!

my body is a little fat, I exercise; if I don't sleep well at night, I relax by reading;

if my work doesn't go well, I adjust myself; if the child makes you worry, I'll be more patient.

to make money, you should do as much as you can. don't work your life out for the money. If you lose your life, you are not as good as the paper.

eat well and sleep well, even if life is not easy, we must live magnificently!


our lives are doomed to be only one trip!

it's not an easy journey. Work hard for life, make a living, worry about your family, cherish what you have, pursue what you want, and don't try to be useless!

the road of life, we walk well, down-to-earth, magnanimous, even if we get old, why not?

what years take away is our face, not our enthusiasm for life!