Parents' laziness in these three things will hurt their children.

Parents' laziness in these three things will hurt their children.

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raising children is a practice for parents. They raise children, but they practice them.

parents' words and deeds affect their children, so think twice before you act.

but no matter how tired they are, parents are not allowed to be lazy in these three things, otherwise it will do more harm than good to themselves and their children.


it all depends on the elderly to take care of their children

some parents are often too busy with their own work to take care of their children and hand them over to their grandparents.

there is a bright side of intergenerational parents, but if the child is fully handed over to the care of his grandparents, the child will inevitably feel strange to his parents, which is a lack of family affection.

parents are always the first person responsible for educating their children, and no one can replace them.

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Children need not only the material support of their parents, but also the warmth brought by their parents' company.


it all depends on the school to teach children

the learning of children depends on what they give inside and outside the classroom, and parents are duty-bound to do so.


it all depends on money to love children

some parents express their love for their children by buying all kinds of things for their children, so as to replace the regret that they can't stay with their children all the time.

money can't buy lost time, and spending time with your children is the way to be a parent.

parents' love for their children is not once and for all, but based on constant giving. Only by doing so can children benefit and parents feel at ease.

parents are the witnesses and companions of their children's growth and are irreplaceable.