Shocking writers

Shocking writers

Whether you like their words or not, they don't write to please people.


No matter how many books have been published and how many awards they have won,

all writers have their own habits, hobbies, and strange ideas.

some live dual lives, some have strange hobbies, and some can be said to be completely crazy.

the writers shortlisted for this nomination are loved by readers all over the world for their original insights

and inspiring prose or poetry.

but the weird and crazy aspects of their lives also deserve everyone's attention.

translator: mahui1213

10 Bramstock-A crazy conspiracy theorist

Bramstock shot to fame by creating Dracula, but the Irish writer has also written novels that have nothing to do with blood, bats and the immortal. In fact, he has also written some non-fictional subjects, such as Famous Impostors, which was published in 1910. Apart from the fact that the last chapter deviates from its purpose and goes crazy, this book reveals to the people the veteran swindlers and their tricks.

in the last chapter of the Beasley Boys, the Queen Elizabeth we know in the history textbook is disguised as a man. According to Stoke, the real queen died of illness when she went on holiday in the country at the age of 10, and her tutor was frightened by the news that King Henry VIII was about to visit. In order to keep her head, she came to the nearby town of Beasley, hoping to find a replacement.

because she couldn't find a girl who looked like a princess, she got a boy and dressed him up in Elizabeth's clothes. The king left soon after a meeting with the so-called daughter, without noticing anything unusual. Since then, the Billis boy has pretended to be Elizabeth, and the whole of England has been deceived by the heavily make-up replacement.

of course, Stoke doesn't have any real evidence. His conclusion stems from rumors that are not credible, such as that Queen Elizabeth has some dark secrets and is tight-lipped. Another piece of evidence for Stoke is Queen Elizabeth's fondness for wigs, which cover up the defect because men are more likely to go bald. In addition, she never married all her life and refused to see her except her personal doctor.

another thing is that in Stoke's opinion, women are stupid, and Elizabeth is very smart, which strongly proves the conclusion that she is a man.

as an American poet laureate, Maya Angelo has written works such as I know why caged birds sing, and has been awarded the National Medal of Honor and the Presidential Medal of Freedom. She recited her work at President Bill Clinton's inauguration. In addition to writing, Maya Angelo has worked as a dancer cook, magazine editor, professor, actress and, by the way, a sex worker.

Angelo's sex career began at the age of 17. At the time, she was a single mother who worked in a bar in San Francisco and had a close relationship with two gay prostitutes who were often cared for. Angelo offered to help them pay their rent and win over business in exchange for a share of their income. Her short career as a pimp came to an end when she was found to have embezzled money behind her back.

two years later, Angelo successfully transformed from pimping others to pimping himself. She met the charismatic L.D., who was older than her. "Daddy" Tolbrook, he took her for a ride in a luxury car and promised to marry Angelo after his divorce. But he did it on purpose. Tolbrook claimed that he owed the gang thousands of dollars in usury, but could not afford it. With the invincible tongue of the swindler, Tolbrook successfully persuaded Angelo to pick up customers in his brothel and used all the money he earned to pay his debts.

Angelo's brother persuaded her to leave the business when they found her picking up guests in a brothel. But her life has not improved as a result. Shortly after that, her son was kidnapped, and she first wrote that she was addicted to drugs. Despite all the hardships, she survived and recorded her hard life experience in her autobiography together in my name.

it's true that Charles Dickens wrote a lot of familiar novels, but he's a real freak. Wherever Rest is, his bed must face north. The orientation of the mattress can stimulate his creativity. He is also a follower of Mezmeier's hypnosis, a popular Victorian hypnosis, often practiced by friends and relatives. But all these little hobbies are nothing compared to his necrophilia.

when he is not writing about hungry orphans and grumpy misers, he likes to go to the morgue in Paris. Going to the morgue is as popular as going to the cinema in the 19th century. Idle Parisians, with a love of terrible mistakes, go to the morgue from time to time to see the bodies of all kinds of deaths, murdered, suicidal, and fished out of the Seine. Dickens' obsession with the dead is not just a matter of morbid curiosity. As the great writer said, "as long as I am in Paris, I feel an invisible force leading me to the morgue." I've never wanted to go there, but I can't help it.Be attracted to it. "

Dickens' necrophilia is so serious that he even looks at corpses that have been shot, stabbed or swollen at Christmas and New year. When he was not in France, he sometimes followed the Thames police looking for bodies or talked to tollmen at Waterloo Bridge about attempted suicide.

besides being one of America's greatest writers, Mark Twain has worked in many other professions, such as journalist, miner and ship navigator. He is also an outstanding inventor, and two inventions have been patented in his life. In fact, his first invention earned him $50000, which was quite a lot of money in the 19th century.

his invention is a new and improved scrapbook. Because of his hobby of collecting pictures and newspaper articles, he is tired of the hassle of putting glue on every time. To simplify the process, he invented a self-adhesive scrapbook, an improvement that requires tape to be glued to the page in advance. All you have to do is wet the glue and everything will be ready.

Twain's most important achievement is the elastic band that prevents loose clothes from slipping. With hooks, whether it's vests, trousers, or other clothes, they won't be loose anymore. Its detachable nature also allows you to remove it from one piece of clothing and install it on another when you change your clothes.

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billions of people still use Mark Twain's invention, but it's not removable or used on vests. It was the author of Tom Sawyer who invented the elastic shoulder straps used on bras.

in addition to writing (Peter Pan is written by him) and playing with children, J.M. Barrie also likes to play cricket. The Scottish writer is obsessed with the sport and has set up a private club for it, but it may be the worst cricket team in the history of cricket.

in 1887, Barry founded the club and named it Allahakbarries, which means God help Barry, hiding a bad pun. Mistakenly thinking that Allahu Akbar translates to "God helps me" (which actually means Allah is supreme), our playwright imposed his surname on the phrase, and the team name Allahakbarries came from. Barry's team also has a strong all-Star lineup, including Rudyard Kipling and G. K. Chesterton 、 A.A. Milne 、 P.G. Wodehous, but no one knows the ball.

when choosing teammates, Barry's criterion is not your skill, but whether you like their wives. For single men, he also has his own set of standards, which is whether it makes him feel "interesting" or not. So it's not surprising that God helped Bari become the worst cricket club in England. Before their first game, the clueless players had a serious discussion about which side of the racket they should play better. In fact, Barry wrote a pamphlet explaining some important details, such as, "once you hit the ball, run." Don't stop and cheer. " This shows how bad their skills are.

Arthur Conan Doyle is the only one of them who knows the ball, but one person is not strong enough to save Bari from defeat. Barry attributed their failure to the well-known fact that good writers are bad athletes.

having read Philip K. Everyone in Dick knows that his mind is different from that of ordinary people. He is the author of the Blind spot Walker. Even if you haven't read Dick's novel, you may have seen one or two movies based on his novel. In addition to the above-mentioned "Blind Walker", Blade Runner, Comprehensive memory, Minority report and so on are also inspired by Dick's novel. Dick's creative inspiration comes from his incredible imagination.

on February 20, 1974, Dick's wisdom teeth had just been operated on and were still in the recovery stage, waiting for painkillers to be delivered quickly. When the courier finally arrived, Dick noticed that she was wearing a necklace in the shape of a fish. And then everything got weird.

the pendant on the necklace suddenly fired a pink laser at Dick, and the aliens crept into Dick's consciousness and told our science fiction writers about ancient wisdom in an ancient Greek-like language. Dick portrays this alien life as a woman, and with her help, life and work are on the right track, eating regularly and healthily, and condemning editors for procrastination. His creative inspiration got out of hand. He wrote the VALIS trilogy and even wrote a 8000-page journal The Exegesis.

it is reported that Dick may have a history of epilepsy, but he thinks it may be God or alien life sending a message to him. Either he was an experimental subject of the Soviet government, or he was possessed by the soul of the late Greek Aesculep.

although Dick's idea sounds crazy, there is a small episode that can't be ignored. The alien who possessed Dick warned Dick one day that his son was born with a defect, but the doctor did not detect it. Dick nervously sent his son to the hospital, and the doctor verified the alien's story.. Thanks to the pink laser, Dick's son was saved.

Agatha Christie may have more results than any other writer mentioned in this article-in her novel, of course. Although her novels are famous for depicting mysterious murderers, one of her books actually saved lives three times.

in White Horse Hotel, published in 1961, the killer used a poison called thallium sulfate. The chemical is highly toxic and can lead to dyspnea, inarticulate speech, periodic coma, hair loss, and eventually death. Of course, the heroic detective finally caught the murderer and the truth came out, but the plot of the novel has been played out again and again in the real world.

in 1975, while reading the novel, a Hispanic-American suddenly realized that the symptoms of one of her friends were very similar to thallium poisoning. She seized the opportunity to call the police, poisoned by her friend's husband, to let her wife die slowly.

A year later, a nurse in London was nursing a critically ill baby from Qatar. The little girl's condition worsened day by day, and the doctor couldn't determine the cause. Coincidentally, the nurse was reading White Horse Hotel and naturally thought of this case. The little girl lost her hair like the victim in the book. In addition, she learned from the book that thallium is widely used as an insecticide in the Middle East. The nurse confirmed that she had found the cause and told the doctor that the little girl was saved.

perhaps the most dramatic thing is the one mentioned below. In 1971, the residents of the small town of Bovington suffered from a strange disease, but after reading White Horse Hotel, doctors realized that Bovington germ was not a disease at all. Thanks to Christie's professional advice, the doctor thought there was a serial killer at large in the town. The police soon caught the infamous Graham Frederick Young, the culprit.

although Sir Arthur Conan Doyle creates the most logical characters in literature, he is far from rational. After his son died in World War I, he began to indulge in spiritualism and frantically tried to communicate with the dead, which was opposed by his friend Harry Houdini.

Houdini is an atheist who often blends into seance and exposes goblins who deceive the public. In spite of their differences in religious beliefs, the friendship between the two is very strong. They often discuss spirituality and try to prove their beliefs to each other. Doyle often takes Houdini to visit his most trusted wizards, even though Houdini repeatedly tries to make Doyle realize that his faith is actually a trick.

things got weird when Doyle publicly claimed that Houdini had magic. Doyle believes that the reason Houdini opposes the mystics is to make everyone marvel at his magic. Doyle also claimed that Houdini could make things disappear, so he could escape from chains, tights and safes in magic shows. Frustrated, Houdini came up with a brilliant plan to prove to his friends that magic was fake.

Houdini found a slate, some wooden balls and a bucket of white paint, then asked Doyle to throw a ball into the bucket and told him to leave. Doyle walked three blocks from home, wrote a secret message with the pen and paper he was carrying, and went back. When he got home, he fished out the lacquered wooden ball, threw it on the slate, rolled it around, and finally spelled out the word "Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin". Doyle was dumbfounded because it was the secret message he had just written.

this ball contains iron and is controlled by a magnet. How did Houdini know what Doyle wrote? Quite simply, when he asked Doyle for the note, he checked whether it was folded, then hid it in the palm of his hand and secretly changed a blank note.

the mistake is that, in order not to see through Doyle, at the end of the magic, our magician asked for the blank note back. "I won't tell you how I did it," Houdini told Doyle, "but I can tell you for sure it's just a trick." Houdini's plan backfired, and Doyle now believes that his friend is psychic.

Houdini failed to persuade his friends to get rid of the superstition of spiritualism. Because of the opposition between Houdini and Future Sight liars, the two good friends also parted ways. It is a pity that the two never got back together until their death.

it is well known that Ernest Hemingway is a hero of action. He was in charge of driving ambulances in World War I, set up his own militia in World War II, and even searched for traces of German submarines along the Cuban coast. But Papa, is not the only manly man in the literary world. Swedish writer Stig Larsen (author of the Millennium series) is also an adventurer. As a young man, he traveled across the continent with a backpack and later became a left-wing journalist, constantly under death threats from neo-Nazis.

in 1977, Larson went to Ethiopia to train female guerrillas, which was awe-inspiring. These women are from the Eritrean people's Liberation Front, a horse dedicated to the independence of Eritrea from Ethiopia.The Kexism organization. They rose up not only against the Ethiopian army, but also against Soviet advisers and the Cuban army. Fortunately, Stig Larson has always been on their side.

the ex-soldier spent a year teaching them how to throw grenades at the enemy, but later had to go home to recuperate because of a nephritis attack. Although Larson never had the chance to see the "Girl with Dragon tattoos" selling all over the world, he witnessed that Eritrea finally won its independence.

Norman Mailer is a complete fool. Although he won the Pulitzer Prize for "Song of the executioner" and "the Army under the Night", he was also the least likeable of all the winners. Mailer is an alcoholic and violent, most famously in a fight with actor Rip Towne.

it was the late 1960s, and Mailer was shooting the movie Maidstone. Dawn is the star, but the relationship between the two is tense in private. Mailer wanted to change the script, which was opposed by Don, but he was already addicted to drugs. When he was ready to shoot, Towne grabbed a hammer and threw it at Mailer's head. The two men wrestled on the ground. Their family screamed, and Mailer bit Don by the ear, who fought back by grabbing Mailer by the neck with his bare hands.

of course, we can say that Mailer is defending himself, but this kind of behavior is commonplace for him. He once punched Gore Vidal in the face and later helped Jack Abbott, a writer jailed for murder, escape. Albert later killed another man, but Mailer made no mistake, claiming that "the progress of civilization requires us to take a little risk." At one point he almost stabbed his second wife to death with a knife.

it was in 1960, a particularly unusual year for Norman Mailer. He was running for mayor of New York City, announcing that he would ban the use of private cars and adjudicate disputes through martial arts, making New York the 51st state in the United States. He tried to promote "patriarchal existentialism", that is, the use of violence and violent tools as a creed of life. His morbid tendency erupted at a campaign event in her apartment. Tired of dealing with guests and pedestrians on the road all night, his wife Morales offended him with rude remarks.

Mailer flew into a rage and stabbed Morales with a knife, one in the back and the other in her abdomen. When the police arrived, Morales claimed that she had fallen and was stabbed by the glass. It was only later that she admitted the truth, but Mailer escaped the punishment of the law.

during the trial, Mailer insisted that he was sane and that hurting people with a knife was just a small experiment for artistic creation. As Morales applied for leniency and flattered lawyers pleaded that his new book would benefit society, Mailer's sentence was suspended, so he was able to continue to work and act whenever he wanted to.