The best fortune teller in the world (really well said)

The best fortune teller in the world (really well said)

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the best fortune-teller in the world is called cause and effect

all destinies are cause and effect.

A person's life is a spiritual practice, what kind of person, what kind of fruit.

Zhao Zihao made a fortune in business and bought a three-story villa.

during the decoration period, his friend advised him to find a Fengshui gentleman to avoid making a mistake.

the next day, Zhao Zihao came to the villa with a feng shui master. As soon as he got out of the car, seven or eight birds suddenly flew up in the backyard.

seeing this, Zhao Zihao stopped at the door and said apologetically to Master Cao, "Master trouble is waiting at the door for a moment."

"can I help you?" The Fengshui master was surprised.

"there must be children picking lychees in the backyard. If we go in now, the children will naturally panic, and it will not be good if they fall." Zhao Zihao said with a smile.

the feng shui master was silent for a moment, "you don't have to look at the Fengshui of your house."

Zhao Zihao was surprised, "Why did the master say that?"

"wherever you are, it is a good place for Fengshui."

what exactly is Fengshui that Master Cao is talking about?

the six Zutan Sutra says, "all Fukuda is inseparable from the heart."

the so-called Fengshui is every thought you plant in your heart.

the so-called fortune-telling is the good deeds you leave behind in the world.

the best fortune teller is cause and effect. You must plant whatever fruit you want.

if you give kindness, you may not return it immediately, but you will certainly make up for it in another space node.

there is reincarnation in the world, there is a cycle of justice, and there is a destiny. Whatever causes you to plant, you will bear fruit in the end.


the most effective life extension in the world is called nursing students

everyone wants the secret of longevity, and the most effective one in the world is nursing students.

Nursing students require us to have a good state of mind.

Modern medicine has found that 65% to 90% of human diseases are related to mentality.

people with a good state of mind have no worries in their hearts and smiles in their eyes.

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the brain secretes dopamine, which relaxes people's moods and makes the various functions of the human body coordinate and balance with each other and promotes health.

Nursing students are required to maintain good living habits.

go to bed early and get up early, go to the park for running, dancing, and tai chi every day, have regular physical check-ups and often get together with friends. Moderate drinkers live longer than those who don't drink alcohol.

Nursing students ask us to manage our emotions well.

the Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic says:

is quite right.

emotional stability is a person's best nursing student.


the wisest act in the world is called spiritual practice

We practice all our lives to become better ourselves.

the wisest practice is to look down on winning or losing.

Life is like a game of chess, competing with each other, handed down from generation to generation, but there is never a final word to win or lose.

the wisest practice is to look down on life and death.

Life is impermanent, life and death are inevitable, don't think about the past, cherish the present.

the wisest practice is learning to be alone.

everyone has a period of walking alone, long or short, unavoidable.

Don't feel empty. A moment of loneliness means you deserve better.

some scenery is enjoyed by a person alone, and some roads are also walked alone.

facing death is the right practice.

if you accept yourself, you can change your life and accept yourself. it is a lifelong practice.


the cheapest happiness in the world is called Yuanyuan

the cheapest happiness in the world is, just go with it.

there are some things, life does not bring, death does not take, since it is a burden, why force it?

the trivia of life, forget what can be forgotten, but what can be put away, why struggle, why quarrel?

get along with each other, just be sincere, and do things with a clear conscience.

fate can not be found, elegance to let go is happiness, the calm face is open-minded; the past, such as the wind can not be traced, with fate is good, contentment is good, happiness is good.

Pure in the years, simple and easy; everything goes with fate, comes and goes like the wind.

in my life, there are too many chases, suddenly looking back, happiness is around me.


the greatest virtue in the world is filial piety

We often say: do good and accumulate virtue.

filial piety comes first, and filial piety is the first of all goods. when we practice filial piety, our merits and virtues accumulate naturally.

not complaining about parents' nagging is filial piety;

not caring about parents' ailments is filial piety;

having a good face to parents is also filial piety;


in the dribs and drabs of time, we can all practice filial piety and accumulate virtue.

I hope we will not forget to be grateful, bear in mind the hardships of our parents and be filial children.


the fastest relief in the world is called letting go

for one day, the young monk goes down the mountain with the old monk.

before going down the mountain, the old monk told the young monk not to go near women after going down the mountain. The little monk nodded and agreed.

when they came to the river, they happened to see a girl wandering by the river, as if to cross the river.

the old monk went over and asked her, "Girl, if you want to cross the river, come over and I'll carry you there." The old monk carried the girl across the river.

the young monk is very puzzled when he sees it.

after walking for 20 miles, I couldn't help asking the old monk, "Master, why?"You told me not to go down the mountain near the girl, but you took the initiative to carry the girl? "

the old monk told him faintly: "you see, I carried her across the river and put her down. You carried her for 20 miles, but you haven't put her down yet."

persistence is a kind of pain, and letting go is a kind of relief.

people always cling to too much when they are alive.

or cling to people, things, things, or a word.

Let bygones be bygones, good or bad, has become an unalterable fact, and more persistence will only add trouble to yourself and others.

the rest of my life is not long. Only when we learn to let go can we be liberated. Only then can we be in the mood to enjoy the scenery of the journey and be at ease.


the most difficult variable in the world to calculate is impermanence

the only constant in the world is changing.

the world is changeable, and no one knows which comes first tomorrow or accident.

on the evening of April 15, 2019, a fire broke out in Notre Dame de Paris and the 800-year-old monument was destroyed.

on October 10, 2019, a viaduct suddenly collapsed near the North Ring Road of National Highway 312 in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province.


things are changeable, accidents are always caught off guard, too many places of interest and monuments are suddenly destroyed, and too many people who are worth cherishing leave the scene suddenly.

some people say that man is not as good as heaven.

No matter how rich you are, a serious illness is likely to take away all your savings; an accident is likely to leave you with nothing.

how vulnerable and fragile people are in the face of the impermanence of life.

Life comes and goes, there are not so many days to come.

while the sun is right and the breeze is not dry, love those you want to love, see those you want to see and do what you want to do.

in this way, it is the greatest live-up to life.