The best new standard of life in 2020 is given to everyone. )

The best new standard of life in 2020 is given to everyone. )

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

some people say: there is no standard answer in life, just wish you live yourself.

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this is true, but life in the world is not an isolated individual, and there are always answers worthy of our reference.

as the ancients said: with copper as the mirror, you can straighten your clothes; with history as the mirror, you can know the rise and fall; with people as the mirror, you can see the gains and losses.

therefore, believe that the following "standards" can always give us some thinking and inspiration.


the six-degree standard of happiness the visual field has a width reading life span temperature mentality Life has heat the so-called happiness is something to do, someone to love, something to look forward to.

I am deeply convinced that happiness does not lie in the material, but the soul, material wealth can never fill the inner hole.

Happiness is at the foot, on the hand, at the side, but never in the mouth.


living a good life the greatest sorrow in a person's life is that he strives to make money in the first half of his life and trades it for his life in the second half of his life.

think about it, we are always pushed forward by life, in a hurry, always saying that the future will belong, and when we suddenly look back, we find that life has passed a little bit.

when people are middle-aged, they understand: that peace is the best, and health is the most expensive!


the latest health standard

there are many things in life, health should be the first. Get up and drink water first, cough to remove turbid qi; comb your hair with ten fingers, clap your hands and stretch your waist; take ten thousand steps a day and take a nap at noon; drink water before taking medicine and go to bed at ten o'clock at six; drink some water in the middle of the night, it can be dilute and sticky.

eat more fruits, vegetables, and beans, eat less meat and fried sticky; eat four eggs a week, cook with less salt; good grains, eight percent full; watch your mouth three hours before you go to bed; keep calm and smile with contentment; stick to it, healthy and happy!

Life is a marathon, not who is faster at the beginning, but whose endurance is more lasting.

drinking too much healthy tea and knowing more about health care is not worth following healthy habits seriously.

Health is not only an investment but also a responsibility. To maintain good health is the best support and responsibility for yourself and your family.


Standard of singing and dancing

singing is not beautiful, it is about having fun; dancing is not good, it is about fitness.

the lung volume increases naturally with the normalization of singing. If the dancing lasts, the physique will improve naturally.

sing loudly and dance happily. Sing and dance, and have a good mood every day!

singing and dancing are probably the cheapest and most effective ways to have fun. Take happiness as a habit so that you don't get too tired.

once read a report.

the host interviewed a centenarian and asked, "what is your secret recipe for longevity?"

the old man smiled: "I don't have any secret recipe for longevity. It's good to be happy every day."

health and happiness complement each other. Happy every day, the body is naturally healthy.

people always have to be happy to have a better mood and energy to face life.


the standard of life is interesting

rest more, don't be too tired, eat and sleep at that time. Don't be too expensive to buy it, and never go against the environment.

when you have time to get together with friends, you are both sober and drunk. Life is only interesting if you can earn money and spend money.

how to live a good life? It probably means: laugh if you want, eat if you want; two or three friends, get together and talk.

go out in the morning and walk around. Take morning exercise to keep fit, and drink tea to meet friends. Go home at noon and buy food easily. Whatever you want to eat, do it yourself. Meat and vegetarian coarse grains, match freely.

have enough to eat and drink, then take a lunch break. After waking up, Wechat online games. Poetry and book news, skimming enough. Activities for the elderly and active social activities. Sing and dance, laugh and laugh.

when there is nothing to do, four people make up. Chess and card poker, play enough. Three or five bosom friends travel everywhere. Every day, I enjoy it.

retirement, there is nothing else. Cherish the present and don't fight. Who can predict that after tomorrow? Life is too short to be happy.


High-rise huts are protected from the cold, big and small.

when husband and wife become old partners, the truth will always be, and the love will always be. Before the children go home and wrap around their knees, they also come to see the festival and the holidays.

three or five bosom friends often chat, today also talk, ancient talk. Old-age salary can not be spent, there is money to eat and drink.

laugh at the relaxation of life, smooth and optimistic, sleepy and optimistic. Retirement life without worry, not immortal, better than immortal!

people have experienced numerous storms when they retire, and they should live a more interesting life and be happy every day.

A ballad of sunset is dedicated to you:

Life is determined to be zero, and it is not possible to cross the circle.

from zero to zero, let nature take its course.

Don't think of having more than enough in your old age. Those who come are confused and those who leave are confused.

what belongs to you before and after death? You should wake up and don't lie to yourself.

if you can be satisfied, you will always be happy, and you should be happy in your old age.

Don't be happy when you are rich, don't worry about being poor, and let nature take its course and enjoy freedom.

Don't insist, don't contend with each other, life is like a dream-like smoke.

days also empty, the earth is also empty, and life is slim in it.

the sun is empty, the moon is empty, and the river flows eastward forever.

the field is also empty, the room is also empty, constantly changing masters.

Love is also empty, love is also empty, and in the end, all go into the high chimney.

Gold is also empty, silver is also empty, what kind of handshake after death?

the name is empty, the profit is also empty, and the dream ends as soon as the eyes are closed.

the win is empty, defeat is empty, and life is like a dream.

officials are also empty, power is also empty, and no one sits in court all his life.

Rich is also empty, poor is also empty, and life is so necessary to understand.

Spring, summer, autumn, and winter, the ebb and flow will never end.

see through the world of mortals and have a good heart.

every family has its difficulties, so don't worry about it.

raising children is an obligation, try your best to help them.

Children and grandchildren have their blessings, so don't let them be trapped in a cage.

as long as you are in good health in your old age, you will live in happiness.

to the west, late to the east, the world is like a flower-picking bee.

picking flowers and making honey is for whom it is sweet, a lifetime of hard work in vain.

see wide, make sense, and live a long life at peace with the world.