The power of introspection (good text in depth)

The power of introspection (good text in depth)

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Tracy said: "the most difficult thing in life is to know yourself."

and the best way to know yourself is: introspection.

introspection is a self-cultivation rooted in one's heart.

people who know how to reflect on themselves are more considerate of others and improve themselves.


find a reason for everything from yourself

I don't know if you have ever met such a person:

whenever something goes wrong, pass the buck to others.

never look for a reason in yourself, thinking that all the problems are caused by others.

it's torture to work with such a person.

as the old saying goes, "the worst evil in life is to talk about other people's mistakes, and life is stupid and evil to hear of one's own past."

the greatest folly of people is to complain about others without reflecting on themselves.

in a company, the manager received a letter from an intern.

the letter says that she has been an intern for almost two months and seems to have endless work every day.

the seniors who are responsible for taking her seem to take aim at her and don't let her try a lot of things.

the whole letter is complaining about her grievances and the indifference of her predecessors.

after receiving the letter, the manager paid special attention to the intern.

one day, the manager told her to send a courier from an important customer and specifically told her to be cautious.

A few days later, customer feedback did not receive express delivery.

when the manager asked about the express delivery, the intern said he had sent it a long time ago.

when asked, do you keep the order number after it is mailed, and when will it arrive? Have you contacted the customer?

the interns shook their heads, so the manager had to check the courier and contact the customer himself.

the intern also complained aggrieved to other colleagues in the office that the manager was mean to her, so why didn't you send the important delivery yourself and give it to me as an intern?

when the manager knew about it, he knew that it was not her predecessor who took her at all, but her own problem, and everything was pushed out.

at last, the intern was fired.

those who do not reflect on themselves think they are the smartest, but in fact they are the stupidest.

Laozi said, "when Great Way is implemented, people are not to blame."

when something goes wrong, people who are really capable do not shirk their responsibilities, but reflect on whether they have done a good job.

people who understand introspection are more reliable and more popular.



there is a saying that "learning from others and understanding is a wonderful way to enable people to reflect."

people who understand introspection will reflect on whether they have similar behavior when they see the uncomfortable behavior of others.

A man is not a sage. No one can make mistakes. If he makes mistakes, he can't be too good.

have a ruler in your heart, measure yourself first, so that you won't blame others at will.

during the Ming Dynasty, there was a county magistrate who was recognized as a upright official, but he had a strange temper.

during the trial, sometimes he would lose his temper and yell at people, but no one dared to remind him.

so the teacher who assisted him thought of a way.

at the scene of a trial, the county magistrate saw that the criminal had not pleaded guilty and was about to lose his temper.

the teacher beside him suddenly shouted, "bold sinners, the evidence is solid, and you still don't plead guilty?" Do you want to get a board? "

everyone present, including the county magistrate, was startled, and everyone stared at the teacher in silence.

when the county magistrate thought of a reminder, he suddenly realized that he often seemed to lose his temper and talk in the same way.

after leaving the court, the county magistrate reflected on himself and decided not to lose his temper and go to trial in the future.

later, the county magistrate was loved by more and more people and became a famous good official.

as the saying goes, "those who are in power are confused, but bystanders are clear."

this is true.

most of the time, we can easily see the mistakes of others, but it is difficult to see our own shortcomings.

that's why I can't help blaming when I see other people's mistakes.

as the old saying goes, "blame yourself with the heart of others, and forgive others with the heart of forgiving yourself."

people can only blame themselves with the heart of blaming others and forgive others with the heart of forgiving themselves.

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in this way, it is not easy to blame others.

A man should look at others with binoculars and at himself with a magnifying glass.


introspection, meet a better self

Watts said: "introspection is the way to virtue."

people can possess virtue only if they can understand themselves objectively and correctly and correctly deal with their own shortcomings and shortcomings.

it is easier to blame others than to reflect on yourself.

only when people know how to examine themselves, can they do things better and become better themselves.

I have read such a story:

there is a boy who makes a living by weeding weeds.

one day, he called a rich lady and said, "do you need to mow the grass?"

Mrs. Fu replied, "No need. I already have a lawn mower."

the boy said, "I can help you pull out all the weeds in the flowers."

Mrs. Fu replied, "my lawn mower has also been done."

the boy said, "I'll help you trim the grass in the aisle."

Mrs. Fu said, "the man I hired is all done. thank you. I really don't need a new lawn mower."

Mrs. Rich hung up the phone.

at this time, the boy's friend asked him, "Don't you work for the rich lady to mow the lawn?" Why pretend that the new lawn mower called?Go? "

the boy said, "I just want to know if I've done a good job."

through self-examination, the boy constantly improves himself and makes his work to the satisfaction of the employer. This is his competitiveness.

introspection can make you really see who you really are and let you have a full understanding of yourself.

No matter who or what he does, as long as he is good at finding and reflecting on himself, he can break through himself.

Browning said: "those who can reflect on themselves must not be vulgar."

people who understand introspection will not be satisfied with the status quo, but will continue to improve themselves, so they are more likely to succeed.

Heine said: "reflection is a mirror that can show our mistakes clearly and give us a chance to correct them."

at any time, only through introspection can people know and understand themselves more clearly.

introspection is a person's best self-cultivation in dealing with the world.

people who know how to introspect themselves are more humble, more tolerant and more reliable in doing things.

be good at introspection, so that you can avoid tumbling and taking detours.