When a child asks, "Mom, why do I learn to do housework?", your answer affects his life.

When a child asks, "Mom, why do I learn to do housework?", your answer affects his life.

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in Juvenile Shuo, Yu Fuyu, a girl in the first year of junior high school, walked onto the rooftop and confided to everyone. Her mother often told her at home that girls should do more housework and learn to cook.

Mom asked her, "if you don't do it, won't you wait for your husband to do it for you?"

she is very confused. Why should I learn to do housework? Why can't my future husband do this for me?

the mother off the stage also replied to her daughter's question:

"I can understand how you feel, baby, but girls still have to learn housework and cook so that they won't get hungry."

hearing the mother's answer, the daughter thought for a moment and replied, "Yes."

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but judging from her dignified expression, it was obvious that she was not so convinced by her mother's answer.

not only the little girl, but also as an audience, I don't quite agree with the mother's answer.

so, as parents, how should we respond when children ask, "Mom, why do I learn to do housework?"


housework has nothing to do with gender. Both boys and girls have to do

. In the same program, Northeast boy Fu Xuanang also complained that his mother always asked him to do housework.

he said that under his mother's "pressure", he had learned many housework, such as washing dishes, braising rice, cooking porridge, mixing cold dishes, and so on.

finally he stood on the rooftop and shouted: "Mom, will you stop forcing me to do housework?"

Ling Fu Xuanang did not expect that the mother below refused him with righteous words: "No."

hearing this, the child on the stage was completely confused and stumbled and said, "but. I'm just a kid. Isn't my main task to study? "

the off-stage mother was unimpressed. She patiently explained to her children: "housework is also a part of learning, a part of life, and a part of life."

she said she hoped her child would grow up to be a responsible and responsible man who could get into both the study and the kitchen. She also believed that her son at that time would have a happy life.

when my mother finished saying this, the audience applauded like thunder.

M á rquez says in Love during Cholera: daily trivialities are more difficult to avoid than the great disasters in marriage.

when our children grow up, enter their own marriage and have their own small families, Ta must take on the responsibility of housework.

once watched an Indian video in which when a man and a woman met on a blind date, the father asked an unexpected question:

"my daughter can do housework, so does your son usually do housework?"

when the answer was that the boy did little housework, the father simply refused, and he also explained:

"my daughter can't eat microwave pasta all her life."

American developmental psychologist Richard Rende once said:

"Today's parents want their children to spend their time on things that will bring them success, but ironically, we are giving up one thing that has been proved to predict success in life-- that is, to let children do housework from an early age."

learn to do housework, not to please or serve anyone.

it has nothing to do with gender, no matter boys and girls, learn to do housework, in order to survive better.


A child who can cook can live wherever he goes

Zeng Guofan once said that it only takes three points to see the rise or fall of a family.

the first is to see what time their children sleep, the second is to see if they are reading the Scriptures of saints, and the third is to see if they have done housework.

the habit of working can affect one's whole life.

A child who can cook can live wherever he goes.

in 2007, the 4-year-old girl Xiaohua received two special gifts for her birthday: a broken flower apron from her mother and a knife from her father for children to use.

from then on, at 5 o'clock every morning, my mother would pull the floret out of the quilt and move a stool for the floret, who is not as high as the desk, to stand on it to learn to cut vegetables and cook.

this is not child abuse news, it is the legacy that a mother who is dying of cancer is determined to leave to her daughter after thinking hard.

in the movie "Xiaohua Wei Zeng Tang", the heroine Qianhui finds herself suffering from cancer. Looking at her infant daughter, she doesn't know what to teach her child.

but she wants to "health first, study second." Children who can cook can live wherever they go. "so since her daughter was only two or three years old, she began to teach her to wash, clean and cook.

only when she sees that her daughter has learned the housework, can she rest assured to leave.

Montessori says that if we have to develop a parenting principle, then the first principle is that children must be involved in our lives.

what is life? Oil, salt, sauce and vinegar is life.

what is life? Bitterness and bitterness is life.


Children who love to work have a more sound personality

Gorky said: "Labor enables people to build confidence in their intellectual power."

A child who learns to do housework from an early age is more confident, more responsible, more responsible and has a more sound personality.

Harvard University has conducted the longest experiment in the history of mankind-- Grant Study.It shows that one of the key points for children to succeed is to let them do housework, and the sooner they start, the better.

another survey shows that the adult employment rate of children who like to do housework and those who do not like housework is 15:1, and the crime rate is 1:10.

domestic research institutions have conducted a survey of 20,000 primary school families across the country, and found that those children who like to do housework are 27 times better at school than those who do not.

former US President Barack Obama laid down nine family rules before taking his daughters to the White House.

of these 9 household rules, 4 are related to housework.

make the bed every day, not just look neat;

do your own things;

keep the toy room clean;

help parents share the housework.

the first sentence of "Zhu Zi Family precepts" is:

"get up at dawn, sweep the court, and be tidy inside and outside." If you lose your mind and lock the door, you must check it yourself. "

how can we sweep the world without sweeping a house?

how can you live a good life if you don't learn housework?


Richard Bromfield, a psychologist at Harvard Medical School, once wrote as to what age children should learn to do what housework they can, Elizabeth Pantley, an American child educator, has carefully designed an "age table for children learning to do housework" according to the characteristics of children of different ages.


learn to feed pets, take newspapers, help mother make the bed before going to bed, put his own dishes in the sink after meals, help mother put folded clothes in the wardrobe and put dirty clothes in the laundry basket.

4 years old

learn to prepare the table, prepare the clothes you will wear the next day, and arrange your towels and toothbrushes neatly (parents should try to avoid vague instructions and give clear and specific operating steps)

5 years old

prepare the schoolbags and shoes to be worn in kindergarten the next day, and learn to clean the room.

7 years old

learn to cook simple meals, help wash cars, clean floors, clean bathrooms, clean leaves and snow, and learn to use washing machines;

over 13 years old

learn to change light bulbs, change garbage bags from vacuum cleaners, clean refrigerators, stoves, mow lawns and other complicated housework.

above, share with all parents.