Why do people read books? These 25 words are the best answer.

Why do people read books? These 25 words are the best answer.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

people often ask: after reading so many books, people finally have to go back to an ordinary city, take an ordinary job and form an ordinary family. Why bother?

what on earth is the meaning of reading alone?

Today, I'd like to share 25 answers. I'm sure one of them can hit you.


where the step can't be measured, the text can; where the eyes can't reach, the text can.

many things can't be seen by the eyes, but can be read; if you can't measure your steps, you can read; if you can't reach your body, you can read.


if you have the idea that you are never too old to learn, there are unlimited possibilities. People die the moment they lose their curiosity.


read enough books to write good articles.

not everyone is born Li Bai, relying entirely on genius to write poetry and writing.

but we all have the opportunity to become du Fu, gain new knowledge every day, constantly hone our writing style, and think hard, and we will certainly make a difference.


the purpose of reading is to discuss not only firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, tea, but also chess, calligraphy, painting, poetry, hops, and hops with your lover in the future.

spend time in reading, even if the material is barren, but the spirit is extremely rich.


Reading has two meanings: one is to make people live neither humbly nor arrogantly. Second, it can make people's hearts clean.

A book may soon be forgotten after reading. It's like fetching water in a bamboo basket.

but after being baptized with water, again and again, the bamboo basket will become cleaner and cleaner every time.

A person reads books every day. You may not remember anything.

but subconsciously you will understand what is right and what is wrong.


people, why read books?

give me an example.

when you see the birds flying on the horizon, you will say: the falling clouds fly together with the lonely birds, and the autumn waters grow in the same sky. Not: shit, a lot of birds.

when you are lovelorn, you whisper and sing: if life is just like the first sight, what is the autumn wind sad painting fan. Instead of crying everywhere: blue thin, shiitake mushrooms.

Reading will make you a warm, interesting, thinking person.


learn more knowledge and say fewer words to ask for help.

the fundamental purpose of reading is to make yourself understand the world, see yourself clearly, and have a serious force to push you forward when you have nothing to rely on and have nothing to do.


Reading is the lowest cost of travel.

by reading books, you can go to every corner of the world and meet different great people and celebrities. As long as you open the book, you will open a new world at any time.


the family has fertile land, it may be flooded, the house has a palace, it may be burned down by the fire, the culture in the belly cannot be flooded, the fire cannot be burned, and no one can take it away.

in this life, there must be something that others can't take away.


by reading, you can experience 1000 lives.

without reading, you can only live once!

We cannot extend the length of life indefinitely, but we can increase the width and thickness of life. Reading is the best way.


Reading can treat loneliness.

A person who loves books will not be short of a loyal friend, a good teacher, a lovely companion, and a gentle comforter.


I have read a lot of books, but then most of them have been forgotten by me. What is the meaning of reading?

when I was a child, I ate a lot of food, and now I can't remember what I ate.

but to be sure, some of them have grown into my bones and flesh and blood and become a part of my body.


Reading can solve more than 80% of confusion.

someone wrote to Yang Jiang to express their confusion. Yang Jiang replied: your main problem is that you don't read much and think too much.

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Reading can change your appearance and shape your elegant temperament.

Sanmao said: that if you read more, your appearance will change naturally. In many cases, you may think that many of the books you have read have become fleeting and forgotten, but, they are still potential.

in temperament, in speech, in the boundlessness of mind, of course, it may also be revealed in life and words.


the books you have read and the scenery you have seen is your pattern.

if you don't read, you don't know where the road is; if you don't walk, you don't understand the meaning of the book.

the road you have traveled is essentially the same as the books you have read, and only through it will it become your experience and eventually form your pattern.

it is these intangible things that enable you to keep a clear mind on your life and the world.


Reading is a process of making yourself vast.

Reading is an adventure, such as exploring a new world, such as new soil.

Reading is a magnificent tour of the soul. You can find famous mountains and rivers, historic sites, deep forests and valleys, strange flowers and plants at any time.


Reading makes your life more possible.

Lei Haiwei, the champion of the third season of the Chinese Poetry Conference, is a takeout guy who loves poetry and spends his spare time reading.

on the stage of the "Chinese Poetry Conference", he won the championship.

Dong Qing said: that any time you spend reading will give you something in return at some point.

although we live a simple life, we are rich in heart; even if we are stuck in the mud, we can still look up at the starry sky.


books are like medicine, and good reading can cure fools.

Reading is quietly helping you understand the world and quietly erasing the superficiality and ignorance from your face.


read more not for eloquence and refutation, but thinking and weighing more when you encounter problems, and less blindly obedience and credulity.

if you read a book, have your discrimination, and have your point of view, you won't follow others.


Yishu once said:

what are you doing reading so many books?

it is at a critical juncture that we can maintain a little self-esteem according to our will: if other people don't love us, we stand up and go without unnecessary entanglement.


A writer said: son, I ask you to study hard, not because I want you to compare your achievements with others, but because I want you to have more choices in the future and choose jobs that are meaningful and have time, rather than being forced to make a living.

when your work means something to you, you have a sense of achievement; when your work gives you time and does not deprive you of your life, you have dignity.

A sense of achievement and dignity can give you happiness.


the meaning of reading, studying, and going further is probably to stay away from people you don't want to see, and you don't have to do things you don't want to do. I hope we can all stay the same.

like reading, it is tantamount to changing the lonely moment of life into a kind of enjoyment.


others are talking, but you can only listen to thunder in ducks, which is why we read books.


your temperament hides the books you have read.

the books you have read, the things you have experienced, and so on for a long time, you forget the details, and the rest will become your quality.


all the puzzles and doubts of life can be found in the book.

Reading is the simplest and most practical way to drive out confusion or fight mediocrity.

Reading is like a wonderful journey, which always brings us rich experiences.